About us:

Intangiblendity is a project by Max Toast,
I am a poet and artist who wants you to DO STUFF and MAKE THINGS!
I believe that everything we humans have and use originates as an artform,
every product was a creation from the mind of a human,
and any progress we make as a species relies on US to
invent and improve upon our working creations.
Intangiblendity has been an ever changing website that was only
a side project since 2013 of learning how to make a website.
In 2017 I was introduced to the work of John Crestani
and finally learned how I can introduce you to important digital tools
and utilize them to bring this philosophy to a broader audience.

I’ve been working hard to make sure that any ads on this site are
geared toward the dynamic vision of intangiblendity and anytime you
click them it supports the vision as a whole.

If you would like to support intangiblendity directly,
you can shop in the poetry section or place a scroll order here.
Or if you just appreciate the content, you can Donate Here